Sacred Mayan Journey

sacred mayan journey, Mexican Caribbean

Sacred Mayan Journey One of the most mystical and beautiful rituals that took place the ancient Maya, it was undoubtedly the sacred journey that took place from Xcaret to Cozumel Island, the Island of the Swallows, the former Cuzamil. It was in the late Postclassic when they these pilgrimages, which included two main reasons to take place, a business, and that the Maya had merchant shipping in one of its priority activities, the other religious, as in Cozumel, Cozumel was the Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of the moon, tides and fertility.

With the first rays of the sun, and the Chilam Batao'obs of Ppolé-Xcaret lead the blessing ceremony and farewell of the canoe carrying the offerings of the people that start to Cutzamil-Cozumel to go to the old and almost abandoned sanctuary looking Ixchebelyax message emanating from Oracle, where children, young women and grandmothers made hosting dances, death and fire again for your visit to the shrine and return to Xamanhá-Playa del Carmen for the start of a new was. The challenge is to cross the Channel to Cozumel from Pole, today Xcaret to Cozumel Island Cuzamil today and the next day, crossing to Xamanhá, today Playa del Carmen.

sacred mayan journey, Mexican Caribbean

The Sacred Mayan Journey is a recreation of the old ritual pilgrimage by the people living in the Yucatan Peninsula to "Pole" with intent to embark "Cuzamil" to worship the goddess Ixchel and consult his oracle, the only one in entire region. Years ago, this ritual was revived maya navigation, extracting its history, its importance and development of ancient glyphs of the narratives of the chroniclers and interpreted by scholars of Mayan culture; live today is an adventure and unparalleled experience, what is possible each year in Xcaret.

Currently there are more than three hundred canoeists those conducting the Sacred Journey, something that can only be achieved with discipline and teamwork, perhaps inherited by the Maya to allow future generations to replicate his trip, preventing a tradition was extinct or dead letter. For the realization of the voyage, the Maya always followed a ritual and currently is carried out a program with different activities before and after sailing toward the sanctuary of the goddess Ixchel. Even when the Spanish arrived and saw time itself disappear this sacred event, today, after 500 years, is recreated by Xcaret, with strict adherence to historical as clothing, rituals, dances, music, gifts and canoes.

sacred mayan journey, Mexican Caribbean

The ceremonies and rituals are performed to make the following requests to the goddess Ixchel:

  1. Soil fertility: Fruits and bountiful harvests, fishing bonanza and lush landscapes.
  2. Good weather: Weather indulgent, favorable winds, rain and temperatures suitable enough to live.
  3. Health: Body, mind and spirit in harmony.
  4. Continuity of life: Stay harmonic of species according to the natural order of the planet.

This incredible event can enjoy it every year with his family in Xcaret, at the edge of the Caribbean in the Riviera Maya, near Cancun, a place which combines the natural beauty, rich culture and traditions more representative of Mexico, living an incredible display of folklore and music with more than 300

artists in the presentation "Xcaret Mexico Spectacular", underground rivers, a Coral Reef Aquarium unique, and over 40 natural attractions, plus music and ceremonies declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and the exquisite Mexican cuisine buffet style.