Colombia Lagoon Cozumel

Colombia Lagoon Cozumel, Mexican Caribbean

The "Parque Punta Sur Ecological Reserve", which houses the great ecotourism project "Cozumel Parks and Museums", preserves the remains of the Mayan culture that inhabited the region and promote the rational ...

... management of natural resources available to the State Shelter Flora and Fauna of the region called Laguna de Colombia, shelter for wildlife and water on the south coast of Cozumel is located 9 km from San Miguel de Cozumel, with an area of 674 hectares, was declared a National Park in 1980 and is framed by a beautiful botanical garden, home to hundreds of birds of different species and also protects the largest bamboo curtain of the Yucatan Peninsula. The park consists of a body of water connected by an underground tunnel to the sea, is an ideal place for snorkeling and diving.

Punta Sur Cozumel, Mexican CaribbeanPunta Sur Cozumel, Mexican Caribbean

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