Holidays in Cozumel

Nothing more beautiful than a visit to the legendary southeastern Mexico and Caribbean Sea for an incredible holiday . About fifty kilometers from Cancun is the island of soft white sand and turquoise water, archaeological sites and ecotourism parks. The crystal clear waters and green-blue horizons captivate scuba divers for its rich coral reefs, Cozumel make one of the most powerful of the Mexican southeast.

First point in the geographic of Mexico to receive sunlight every new day, still retains from its beginnings as human settlement around 300 BC, a particular atmosphere for both your visitors and the people who inhabit it. The cozumel culture is now very peculiar, its a unique lifestyle with strong roots from its settlers.

Things to do in Cozumel

Quinta Avenida Playa del Carmen

Chankanaab Park

Chakanaab Park acquired itsname from the Chankanaab lagoon whose meaning in Mayan dialectis “small sea” is a world-renowned ecosystem and...

Playacar Playa del Carmen

Museum of Cozumel

The Museun of the Island is located at the main street in San Miguel, Cozumel. Museum displays in its four halls the history and present of Cozumel Island, through dioramas, sculptures...

Mamitas Beach Club

Punta Sur

The Ecological Reserve Punta Sur Park encompasses an outstanding variety of natural landscapes. It is extended for more than one hundred hectares; lagoon environment prevails...

Restaurants in Playa del Carmen

Cozumel Beaches

In Cozumel there are beautiful beaches with a spectacular blue sea. There are well-known beaches in certain specific areas of the island. It is recomended...

Puerto Morelos Riviera Maya

San Gervasio Mayan Ruins

San Gervasio was a sanctuary of the Mayan goddess of fertility "Ixchel" and pilgrimage center of the Maya who came to worship. There is another Maya ruin in "The Cedral"



Diving in Cozumel

Explore the depths through the tunnels in Colombia. Drift along the wall edge. Wave through the tremendous coral heads beginning from 60 ft to 100 ft and more to reach within 30 ft of the surface.

Aktun Chen Riviera Maya

Av. Rafael Melgar

The island of Cozumel offers a variety of Mexican crafts from different regions of the country. Just walk along Avenida Rafael E. Melgar, and discover the diversity of shops is to you, in this area you will find everything from major brand perfumes

Kantunchi Riviera Maya

Punta Molas

Punta Molas is one of the most important places to visit in Cozumel, is one of those places where you can distinguish much of the Mexican coast of the Riviera Maya, the Lighthouse, the Tomb Caracol, who are in this place, and from where they are arriving cruise ships

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