Armored Vans Rental Cancun and Riviera Maya

Armored Vans Rental Cancun and Riviera Maya

We offer armored van  rental service with or without  driver in the Cancun and Riviera Maya area
We have VP armor service. Suburban units Recent Model
TPS armoring is one of the best armor agencies in Mexico and its certifications of resistance to ballistics and explosives tests
The STANAG and VPAM certification is recognized worldwide in the field of armor and explosives
We are the first company in Latin America to obtain STANAG 4569 anti-explosive certification, VPAM ERV 2010, this adds to its VPAM VRB 2009 anti-perforation certification and erv 2010, becoming a world-class armoring company
In order to obtain the certifications, all the documentation of its manufacturing and design engineering processes was sent to the German IABG laboratory, experts in quality and efficiency of materials and products within the ballistics, crashes and impact sectors, This laboratory is one of the few worldwide that can validate these certifications, being recognized for having strict control.
Our service guarantees security and confidentiality at all times
We offer  transfer serviceS WITH DRIVER  which allows you to move without worrying about driving.
We have bilingual drivers, bodyguard services without or with authorized weapon
Our rental services with driver are for 12 hours but we can adjust to the needs of each client
Monitoring of units 24/7 with the possibility of reports for our clients
The rental service of a 24-hour van per day without  a driver cost $ 1,100 dollars plus 16 % tax

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Armored Vans Rentals Cancun and Riviera Maya Armored Vans Rentals Cancun and Riviera Maya

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The units may not leave the limits of the territory of the Mexican Republic.
1.- It is not allowed to drive the units in gaps and / or unpaved roads.
2.- Damages due to misuse of the unit will be charged to the customer.
3.- It is mandatory to carry an official driver's license when using the unit, and comply with the applicable traffic regulations and laws.
4.- The maximum daily mileage allowed is 200 kilometers, the cost per additional kilometer will be $ 20.00 pesos
5.- If the units are delivered at 7:00 am, they must be returned before 7:00 am the next day.
6.- Daily price for 24 hours, counted from the delivery time of the unit.
7.- The fraction of time will be charged as a full day.
8.- It will have to be confirmed at least 48 hours in advance.
9.- In the case of foreign income, the confirmation must be at least 7 days in advance.
10.- The transfer of the unit to another city is charged to the client.
11.- Does not include bodyguard, but if required, the service will be quoted for 8 hours.
12.- The fraction of time for the driver / bodyguard service will be charged as a full shift.
13.- The client is obliged to pay the Comprehensive Insurance Coverage, which has a rate of $ 400.00 pesos per unit per day. In the event of an accident, the customer must pay the amount of the deductible for partial damages 10% or total 10% as well as the percentage of deductible in the case of theft 10%. The insurance will be valid as long as the user reports the accident to TPS and the insurer and issues the corresponding service pass. If the user incurs actions that the insurance determines as not coming from attention, the client is responsible for any damage or loss.
14.- It is the responsibility of the person signing the delivery form to check the unit before signing. If any part is missing in the return of the unit, and it is marked on the "Check-List", the customer will be charged. In case of damages or missing not reported to TPS and insurance, the customer will be charged.
15.- Who rents the vehicle may not sublet it to any third party, releasing Transportadora de Seguridad y Seguridad S.A. from all responsibility. from C.V. and / or TPS Rental S.A. from C.V.
16.- The unit must be returned with the same load of gasoline with which it was delivered, otherwise there will be an extra charge for the missing proportion.
17.- The payment of the rent is 100% at the time of booking

Cancellation Policies