Progreso Beach

For its strategic location just 36 km from the city of Merida, is the natural outlet to the sea to connect to the Yucatan Peninsula to the rest of the world. With the henequen boom and the need to export this product was built a battery of three wooden piers, which for a long time efficient work carried out in the port movement catering to the peninsula of all products arriving by sea .

It is the port of entry to the Yucatan, an excellent site for the practice of the most varied water sports: windsurfing, windsurfing and kayaking. Here you can walk along the boardwalk, enjoy the breeze and taste the delicious regional cuisine in the many restaurants that line the harbor boardwalk.

Today is the arrival point for many cruise ships worldwide, of which a number of passengers disembark. Progress port is safe, tranquil beaches without currents or tides, palms, fresh seafood, the boulevard beside the sea called "The Levee" and the friendly Mayan Progreso make a wonderful place to visit. This beach is the busiest of the entire state, not only by virtue of being the closest to the city of Merida, but because it has a large light-water beach with fine white sand. In the summer months you will find a bustling party atmosphere after the traditional bathers, can practice water sports here.

Progreso Beach

From this beach has it the Progreso pier and long viaduct linking the port with the remote terminal. In the spring and directly with fishermen, navigation services are contracted, also can be hired at the nearby port of Yucalpetén, It is an important fishing port waterfront, there is a rich variety of fish among which the shark, grouper, sea bass, mullet, snapper, drum and barracuda. In the fishing pier, and bait and hook, can be expected to fall quietly fair game while watching a peaceful sunset ocean.

During Easter and in the summer season, Progress acquires new life with thousands of people that live in Merida. school holidays and the wonderful weather to move all people to the beach to swim, eat, drink and dance. Before and after that time occupied, Progress returns to his other personality, quiet but with enough activities to gratify most visitors, and houses in Progress are available for rent. The beaches are clean Progress and water with a beautiful emerald green, with the exception of winter days when the winds and tides of the sea cold fronts stir the sea It is excellent for swimming and shallow water without currents near the beach. Many of the restaurants on the boardwalk tables have virtually seaside where they treat their customers.

Progreso Beach

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