Activities in Riviera Maya

Sian Kaan Tour, Activities in Riviera Maya

Sian Ka'an Tour

The all day tour combines walking, swimming, and traveling by boat in an exploration of the coastal wetlands of the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve

All Tour Native, Activities in Riviera Maya

All Tour Native

Join us on a unique and exciting expedition that will take you on a journey of discovery into some of the most breathtaking natural wonders in Mexico.

Crococun Zoo, Points of interest in Riviera Maya

Crococun Zoo

Venture into the natural tropical forest and confront the prehistoric crocodiles, the rulers of this sacred land and witness their unpredictable personalities.

Cenotes Riviera Maya, Activities in Riviera Maya

Discover the Mayan Cenotes

The word cenote comes from the mayan world dzonot meaning sacred well. Possibly the best know example of a cenote is the sacrificial well at Chichen itza site.

Swim with Dolphins, Points of interest in Riviera Maya

Dolphin Discovery

The Dolphin Discovery facility sits in the heart of the complex and is built on a lush, tropical island in the middle of a lagoon that is home to our dolphins.