Real Estate in Cancun

Real Estate Cancun, Mexican Caribbean

Real estate in Cancun has been in a rapid development over the past 10 years especially in the sale of condominiums in the hotel zone and downtown Cancun. Since 1998 began to build luxury apartment buildings facing the sea and the new Puerto Cancun development of buildings that have sea-view but also has access to downtown Cancun. The condos range in price from $ 150,000 usd for 1 condo  until 1 or 2 million dollars per apartment depending on the developer.

Among the most exclusive are the grand BVG Cancun, Lahia Cancun, Emerald, in the area of Cancun Beach and Port Porto novo in Puerto Cancun development

The departments can also be purchased by foreigners or Mexicans and notaries have more information about the process of buying and selling a condominium. The BVG Cancun grand buildings in addition to the Beach is developing a new complex opposite the Hilton hotel which will have views over the lagoon and the golf course and is one of the most beautiful and exclusive Cancun

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