Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres, Mexican CaribbeanIn 1517, Isla Mujeres was discovered by the spanidars along with Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba who arrived to this abandoned site and discovered monuments in the form of women. They decided to give it the name of Isla Mujeres which means the island of women.

The island was also used as a pirate refuge by famous men such as Jean and Peter Laffite, due to the fact that many spanish ships sailed very close to it's shores. en ships such as the original cannons that lie among the natural coral reefs, caves and tropical fish.

Diving and snorkeling create an adventure for the hidden past of the lost spanish ships such as the Mercurio and the San Geronimo. Discover the remains of these suk. Isla Mujeres is located just 8 miles across the Caribbean from Cancun. Enjoy a daily exploration by renting a moped or even a golf cart and ride off into the wonder that awaits. Discover the natural and cultural points of interest.

Things to do in Isla Mujeres

Swim With Dolphins Isla Mujeres

Dolphin Discovery, Villa Pirata

Dolphin Discovery Isla Mujeres is conveniently located in the heart of the island. You are only a 10 minute drive from either end of this island of adventure.To get to the island hop aboard our ferry for a scenic 40 minute boat ride across Cancun Bay

Isla Contoy

Isla Contoy

Just north of Isla Mujeres is located Contoy Island, 23 nautical miles north of Cancun and one hour 15 minutes by boat. The tour is a short and pleasant journey through the turquoise Caribbean waters

Garrafon Park Isla Mujeres

Garrafon Park

Garrafon Natural Reef Park, ideally located on charming Isla Mujeres Mexico, will amaze you with its natural beauties and fascinating adventures in and out of the water. This exotic tropical paradise is a 25 min. cruise from Cancun.

South Cliff

South Cliff

Another experience you can’t miss is Garrafon's tour to the Caribbean Village. Surrounded by the splendid seascape of Punta Sur, this colorful structure of Mexican Caribbean architecture, Pirate





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