Costa Maya

Costa MayaCosta Maya is located on the south of the Quintana Roo state, and goes from Punta Herrero to Xcalak. In this area are located around 30 ecological hotels where you can enjoy the beautifull beaches, the ruins near this zone, and many acuatic activities as snorquel, diving and fishing.

Things to do in Costa Maya

Mahahual, Grand Costa Maya


For many years, Mahahual was a tiny fishing village which attracted a small number of travellers who would drift into Mahahual and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and untouched beauty of the beach.

Mahahual, Grand Costa Maya


Xcalak if for those who are looking for relax, away from the noise, who want to scape from the realty and ejoy the breeze with your hammock between two palm trees. Some hotels have electricity and others solar electricity.

Bacalar, Grand Costa Maya


Laguna Bacalar is the second largest sweet water lake in Mexico . It’s a beautifull lagoon with incredible cristal waters with many diferent blue colors and green surronded of green vegetarion in the midle...

Mahahual, Grand Costa Maya

Cenote Azul

The Cenote Azul de Bacalar, Quintana Roo, is a must place for divers who visit the region represents a real challenge because of its great depth and special features. It is an open cenote, whose immersion

Chinchorro Reef, Grand Costa Maya

Chinchorro Reef

is located in the Mexican Caribbean front of the coast of Mahaual in the state of Quintana Roo; it has four sandy zones emerged North Key, formed by two small bodies with a surface of 0,9 kilometers square

Bacalar, Grand Costa Maya


With a rich past history of Mexico that comes from the ancient Maya, and a number of fun activities to do, Chetumal has for you an unforgettable holiday. Enjoy the breathtaking view of turquoise and and jade in the bay.